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Round slings are a type of sling. They consist of synthetic fibres and are suitable, for example, for lifting and transporting loads that have no attachment points of their own.

DoForce 1 roundslings With continuous imprint of working load limit. The roundslings have webbed in stripes for each ton working load limit, one stripe per ton. Every roundsling is specially impregnated which makes it more resistant against abrasion and dirt.

Supporting element is a high-end PES polyester fibre webbing roundsling endlessly folded. The working load limit grows according to the number of these fibres.

Protective cover made of seamless woven impregnated polyester webbing for endlessly folded fibre webbing.

Long-lasting marking on the protective cover: One woven-in bar for each ton of working load limit and imprinted working load limit on the other side.

The relevant boundary and operating conditions should always be considered in choosing the correct round slings. Temperature or contact with (chemical) substances can in some cases significantly reduce the service life and durability.

What advantages does the use of round slings offer?

  • Flexible handling, since the shape can be adapted to the load and the respective usage requirements
  • Protection of the load
  • Can be stored in a very small space
  • Not electrically conductive
  • etc.

What is the meaning of the colour of the round sling?

A uniform DIN EN colour code is prescribed for round slings. Dolezych round slings with the same working load limits therefore also have the same colour. For example, round slings with a working load limit of 1000 kg / 1 t are violet in colour, those with 5,000 kg / 5t are red and those with 8,000 kg / 8 t are blue. From 10,000 kg / 10 t the uniform colour code for all working load limits is orange.

What disposal criteria apply to round slings?

Round slings should be inspected regularly in order to ascertain the replacement state of wear in good time.

  • Damage to the selvedge or the fabric and large numbers of yarn breakages, e.g. more than 10% of the entire yarn count in the most damaged cross-section or the strap surface (setting down sharp-edged loads), if large areas of the warp (longitudinal) threads are severed.
  • Damage to the load-bearing seams or the wrapping or their stitching due to crushing, cutting or heat
  • Damage to/visibility of the carrying yarn core
  • Deformation/scorching due to the influence of heat (friction, radiation)
  • Damages due to the effects of aggressive substances
  • Deformation (clear widening or narrowing of the strap), cracks, breakages or other damage to fittings
  • Occurrence of a large number of instances of minor edge damage at short distances
  • High reduction in the strength of multiple-loaded straps through knotting
  • Missing labels or illegible identification

 Click below to jump to the different types of roundslings:

  1. Roundsling “DoForce 1” with single cover
  2. Roundsling “DoForce 2” with double cover
  3. Roundsling “DoWeb” with woven-in WLL marking
  4. Roundsling “DoPremium”
  5. Heavy load roundsling “DoMega”
  6. Hochleistungsruundschlinge “DoPremium” mit Dyneema®

Roundsling “DoForce 1”

Polyester roundsling with single cover   Rundschlinge DoForce Dolezych

Colour Item no. WLL in kg single
05140512 1000
05141012 1500
05141512 2000
05143012 3000
05144512 4000
05145512 5000
05146012 6000
05147512 8000

Roundsling “DoForce 2”

Polyester roundsling with double cover   Rundschlinge DoForce Dolezych

Colour Item no. WLL in kg single
05140522 1000
05141022 1500
05142522 2000
05143022 3000
05144522 4000
05145522 5000
05146022 6000
05147522 8000

Roundsling “DoWeb”

Your advantages

DoWeb has established itself by years of practice. Whenever a textile lifting device has to work under extremely difficult conditions, it has won its excellent standing. The slim and abrasion-resistant cover roundsling, the working load limit mark which is woven in on one side in addition to the bar code and the low tendency to wrinkle makes DoWeb a roundsling with very long service periods..

  • thick special cover with extra stable webbing
  • woven-in working load limit mark which can not rot or wear out
  • tight cover = easy handling

  Rundschlinge DoWeb Dolezych

Colour Item no. WLL in kg single
05140532 1000
05141032 1500
05141532 2000
05143032 3000
05144532 4000
05145532 5000
05146032 6000
05147532 8000

Roundsling “DoPremium”

Top-class roundslings with woven-in working load limit specificationDoPremium Rundschlinge 2014 q DoPremium-Roundsling results from optimizing all available qualities concerning abrasion resistance, widths, tearing resistance, wrinkling tendency, service periods and safety coding The roundsling cover of the well- proven DoWeb has been developed even further. The improved webbing design now offers more protection against abrasion and improves handling as the wrinkling tendency has been reduced to a minimum. According to the standard, a roundsling has to be disposed of if the cover is damaged in such a way that the folded fibres can be seen. Compared to other roundslings the DoPremium quality offers longer service periods as the thickness of the cover can be compared to the one of a web sling. The DoPremium roundsling has, in addition to the bar code (1 bar for each ton of working load limit), a woven-in working load limit mark. This can smoothly glide over angular loads. The mark can not rot or wear off. In addition to the compact design, the optimized supporting width under the load and a premium design distinguish these top-rate roundslings. With the new DoPremium, we offer a product which unites all characteristics of a robust and conforming to safety regulations high-value lifting device. It can really be called a “supersling”. New technology for even more safety!

Colour Item no. WLL in kg single
05140552 1000
05141052 1500
05141552 2000
05143052 3000
05144552 4000
05145552 5000
05146052 6000
05147552 8000
05148025 10000

Heavy load roundsling “DoMega”

We produce heavy load roundslings up to a carrying capcity of 100 tons in all lengths. The advantages for the lifting of heavy loads are obvious: Compared to chains and ropes, a low own weight, especially protecting sensitive good In the higher weight range, DoMega roundslings should be equipped with sharp edge protection if the loads are very angular or if they have sharp edges.   Rundschlinge DoMega Dolezych

Colour Item no. WLL in kg single min. effective length mm.
05148012 10000 1000
05149112 12000 1000
05149312 15000 1500
05149512 20000 1500
05149812 25000 2000
05149912 30000 2000
05149962 40000 2000
05149972 50000 3000
05149932 60000 4000
05149942 80000 5000
05149992 100000 6000

DoMega heavy load roundslings with velcro closer system

85148052 DoMegaKlett DolezychYour advantages

  • easy opening of the cover allows for control and inspectrion of the suspending fibre webbin
  • expendability of the cover in case of damage or dirt – in-house or at our enterprise locatio
  • easy to inspectcan be repaired quickly
  • low repair costs
  • performance control permanently possible

Colour Item no. WLL in kg single min. effective length mm.
05148052 10000 1000
05148152 12000 1000
05148252 15000 1500
05148352 20000 1500
05148452 25000 2000
05148552 30000 2000
05148652 40000 2000

Heavy Duty Roundslings DoPremium with Dyneema®

DoPremium Dyneema Schwerlast-Rundschlinge 2014 qWhen Lifting Slings with extrem high carrying capacities are needed Roundslings made with Dyneema® (UHMW-PE) are the best choice. Through this high performande fibres an own weight reduction of 60% is achieved.

The lower Elongation of Dyneema® in comparison to Polyester-fibres leads to an improved dimensional accuracy. This becomes relevant when Lifting asymmetrical loads.

Your benefits

  • Dead weight reduction by up to 60%
  • Cut-resistant round sling hose
  • Considerably lower volume, i.e. reduced support width (advantageous in combination with shackles or smaller crane hooks and attachment points)
  • Significantly lower elongation compared to PES – similar to a grommet rope
  • Thanks to a special manufacturing technique we achieve increased dimensional accuracy (important with asymmetric loads and different sling lengths)


Heavy Duty Roundslings with Dyneema® and PE-Hose

Item No. WLL
05148052 10.000
05149991 15.000
05149567 20.000
05149867 25.000
05149931 30.000
05149988 35.000
05149967 40.000
05149973 50.000
05149933 60.000
05149934 65.000
05149940 70.000
05149989 80.000
05149997 100.000
05149990 125.000
05149983 150.000
05149984 200.000

Heavy Duty Roundslings with Dyneema® and PES-Hose

On request, DoPremium round slings made of Dyneema® are also available with a round sling hose made of polyester (orange). This combines the advantages of the low dead weight and the slender design due to the Dyneema® fibres with the inexpensive polyester protective sheath. This version is advantageous when no special cut-resistance is necessary.

Item No. WLL
05148032 10.000
05149317 15.000
05149517 20.000
05149817 25.000
05149917 30.000
05149957 35.000
05149966 40.000
05149977 50.000
05149937 60.000
05149938 65.000
05149939 70.000
05149983 80.000
05149984 100.000
05149818 125.000
05149819 150.000
05149820 255.000

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