Black-Series hoists


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  1. Lever hoist
  2. Spur gear block and tackle
  3. Textile chain bag
  4. Chin trolley
  5. Manual trolley


Lever hoist Black-Series

Black-Series Beispiel 2The brand name “Black-Series“ represents GS tested lever and chain hoists “Made by Dolezych“ . In our Dortmund production facility, we manufacture hoists according to your specifications. The ingredients: Robust, black powder coated steel casing, high-strength galvanized round steel chains according to DIN EN 818-7 and 360° swiveling safety hooks. The result: Excellent industrial quality with an attractive price-performance ratio. Take advantage of our short delivery times (even for special sizes!), rapid delivery of spare parts, and audit service for all of our products.

Your advantages:

  • Stable precision drive Highly solid, galvanised chain according to DIN EN 818-7 Chain guide All-steel frame, but still light
  • All hooks with safety latch, hook rotatable by 360° Release for fast pulling through the unloaded chain
  • optional available: textile chainreservoirBlack-Series-Hebezeuge-2
Item No.Load capacity kg




Sour gear block and tackle Black-Series 

  • Black-Series-HebezeugeHighly solid, varnished steel coating Low own weight Safe operation Low maintenance Low cost and economical Easy to use Solid compact housing 2-level reduction drive The hardened gears and grooves run on roller bearings in order to reduce friction loss and to increase efficiency.
  • Quality load chain wheel with four precisely shaped chain pockets, roller bearing for easy run and low wear and tear Highly solid, galvanised in accordance with DIN 5684/EN 818 Fully closed, automatic load pressure brake, asbestos-free brake blocks optional available: textile chainreservoirOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Item No.Load capacity kg


Textile chain bag, L and S



Item No.TypeØ cmHeight / cm









Chin trolley Black-Series

Black-Series Haspelfahrwerk Dolezych

Item No.Load capacity kgFlange width mmmin. curve radius / mGuide chain
0898104350062 – 1280,802,5
089810441.00062 – 1281,002,5
089810452.00088 – 1541,302,5
089810463.00087 – 1531,502,5




Manual trolley Black-Series

Black-Series Rollenfahrwerk Dolezych

Item No.Load capacity kgFlange width mmmin. curve radius / m
0898004150062 – 1280,80
089800421.00062 – 1281,00
089800432.00088 – 1541,30
089800443.00087 – 1531,50
089800455.000106 – 1941,50


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