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  1. Do 310 Beam, rigid
  2. Do 315 Beam adjustable
  3. Do 311 and 316 H Beam
  4. Do 312 lattice box beam
  5. Do 111 frame beam
  6. Do 209, 210 und 211 Cross beam
  7. Do 216 Turning beam
  8. Do 112 container beam


General information

Binding regulations for lifting devices are BGR 500 and DIN 15428. Lifting beam lifting devices for latching in crane hooks or as bearing means lifting beam cranes that are solid -steel constructions, which are made by various welders in accordance with DIN 15018. Lifting beams must be inspected at least once a year by an expert. The basis for this inspection is DIN 15409 (lifting appliances, lifting devices, usage monitoring). Repairs must be carried out by Dolezych only. As a manufacturer of lifting beams and lifting appliances, we ensure the proper execution of all works. Excentric fitting of loads on lifting beams: If the lifting beam does not hang over the load’s centre of gravity, the load can fall out of the lifting device. One-sided lifting beam hanging means danger! The inclination angle of two strands of a lifting gear must never exceed 60°. Traversen Dolezych Richtige Anwendung 1  

The inclination angle of two strands of a lifting gear must never exceed 60°. Exceeding this angle results in immindent danger. The strain of the single strand increases beyond the entire force coming from the load. Lifting beams allow small lifting heights which allows lifting in low halls. For long loads, inclination angles of the lifting devices can therefore be avoided entirely. Under lifting beams, the load must be underpinned so that it cannot bend excessively or individual parts can loosen themselves from the load and fall out. Non-allowed inclination angles are avoided with lifting beams. 

Traversen Dolezych Richtige Anwendung 2Traversen Dolezych Richtige Anwendung 3










When using a lifting beam, the full carrying capacity of the lifting sling is always used, because the strands hang vertically.

Lifting with opposite inclination angles: The lifting sling can also slip to the side under the load: danger! 

Traversen Dolezych Richtige Anwendung 4Traversen Dolezych Richtige Anwendung 5










Do 310 Beam, rigid

Traversen Do 310 starr Dolezych








Item No.Carrying capacity kgDimensions mmWeight approx. kg

Beams with higher carrying capacities and greater working widths on request. We will custom-tailor beams to your specs in all variants.

According to DIN EN 13155 point 5.1.5 any load suspension device that is not in use has to be stored in a stable and appropriate way. Of course we offer the suitable storage devices and racks on request.

Do 315 Beam, adjustable

Traversen Do 315 verstellbar Dolezych            

Item No.Carrying capacity kgDimensions mmWeight approx. kg


Do 311 H Beam, rigid Traversen Do 311-H starr Dolezych

  • rigid
  • with one-point suspension
  • 4 eye hooks with safety latch (swivable)
  • on request also fitted with WHS swivel hooks


316/T H Beam adjustable

  • Traversen Do 316-H verstellbar Dolezychwith 4 WHS swivel hooks with safety latch
  • rotatable and swivable


Item No.Carrying capacity kgWorking range main beam mmGrid setting main beam mmWorking range cross beam mmGrid setting cross beam mmWeight approx. kg
 Type 311 H
083111201.0002.000 1.00055
Type 316 Hmax.-min.max.-min.
 083160121.0002.000 x 1.0004 x 1251.000 x 5002 x 12590
083160222.5002.000 x 1.0002 x 1251.000x 5002 x 125140
083160232.5003.000 x 1.0004 x 2502.000 x 1.0004 x 125230
083160535.0003.000 x 1.0004 x 2502.000 x 1.0002 x 250340
083160545.0004.000 x 1.0006 x 2502.000 x 1.0004 x 250450
083160555.0005.000 x 1.5008 x 2502.500 x 1.0008 x 250600
083160757.5005.000 x 1.5007 x 2502.500 x 1.0004 x 250680
083160767.5006.000 x 2.0009 x 2503.000 x 1.0006 x 250980
0831610410.0004.000 x 1.0005 x 2502.500 x 1.0004 x 250775
0831610610.0006.000 x 2.0006 x 2503.000 x 1.0006 x 2501.150
0831615615.0006.000 x 2.0004 x 5003.000 x 1.0004 x 3001.400

The above beam is available in onepoint suspension and 4 swivable eye load hooks with safety. Variant with sturdy pofile steel contruction with 2 cross beams adjustable in the grid and 2 setting straps. The beam suspension is dismountable for transport, i.e. cross beams and the suspension straps can be removed. Delivered with fully mounted cross beams, type plate and carrying capacity label.

Do 312 lattice box beam

Traversen Do 312 Gitterbox-Traverse Dolezych The design is intended for single transport of lattice boxes. It has two rigid hooking-in hooks and two swivable hooking-in hooks connected with a handlebar. It can be notched to and removed from an individual stopper to the lattice box.  

Item No.Carrying capacity kgDimensions mmWeight approx. kg

Do 111 frame beam

Traversen Do 111 Rahmen-Traverse Dolezych

  • welded steel frame
  • with 4-leg chain suspension
  • available with eye load hook or swivel hook with safety (subject to surcharge) in every corner


Item No.Carrying capacity kgArbeitsmaße mmWeight approx. kg
081111101.0002.000 x 1.000100
081111202.0003.000 x 1.500150
081111303.0004.000 x 2.000280


Cross beams

Do 209Traverse Do 209 With 4YAS welding hooks with safety, for big bags.





Do 210Traverse Do 210 With 4 head plates for big bags, easy hooking in and unhooking.





Do 211Traverse Do 211 With 4-leg chain suspension or welded one-point suspension, in order to accept lattice boxes, big bags, etc.




TypeItem No.Carrying capacity kgWorking dimensions mmWeight approx. kg
209081109055001.000 x 1.00020
209081109101.0001.000 x 1.00023
210081121045001.000 x 1.00018
210081121101.0001.000 x 1.00020
211082120155001.000 x 1.00015
211081120111.0001.000 x 1.000 25


Do 216 Turning beam, mechanically adjustable

Traversen Do 216 Wendetraverse Dolezych One-point suspension, manually adjustable in width, with Dolezych endless web slings. DoLast turning beams can be equiped in all carrying capacity classes with electric engines. For mechanical turning, two employees are required. Only one employee moves the load for electric engine turning.

Item No.Carrying capacity kgWorking dimensions mmGrid mmWeight approx. kg
081218101.0001.0002 x 15025
081216141.0001.6003 x 15034
081218111.0002.5005 x 15046
081218131.0003.1507 x 15056
081218161.6001.6002 x 20036
081218181.6003.1505 x 20080
081216271.6004.0007 x 20097
081218252.5002.5004 x 20084
081218262.5003.1505 x 200100
081216262.5004.0007 x 200165
081218282.5005.0009 x 200197
081218404.0002.5003 x 250120
081218414.0003.1504 x 250141
081218424.0004.0006 x 250224
081218434.0005.0007 x 250268
081218636.3003.1504 x 250227
081218646.3004.0006 x 250271
081218656.3005.0007 x 250416
081218666.3006.3009 x 250505

Do 216 Turning beam, adjustable with electric engine

Wendetraverse Do 216 elektro A lack of knowledge on how to handle heavy or bulky parts is often the start of the end. If loads are moved, reversed or turned with “Heave ho!” remarks and inappropriate tools, it does not take long for an accident to happen. Prevention is better. Use DoLast turning tools with the help of which your valuable goods can be professionally turned and moved – smoothly and softly.







Do 112 container beam

Traversen Do 112 Container-Traverse Dolezych Loading tools for Do 112 container beam, with CH-3 container hook, suitable for 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers can be found below.

Item No.Carrying capacity kg

Chain spreader set

Item No.Carrying capacity kgContainer ft.Length mModel

Wire rope spreader set

Item No.Carrying capacity kgContainer ft.Length mModel


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