Your satisfaction is our aim

ud-tdDolezych – this name has stood for competence and performance for more than 85 years. Our products and services have to meet highest quality standards; we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We are the No.1 in Germany for rope, lifting, slinging and load securing technology. No. 1 means: customers with relevant requirements first think of Dolezych, because

  • we can implement individual problem solutions,
  • we can offer the largest selection, since we manufacture the complete range of products,
  • our products have an optimum price/performance ratio,
  • we only supply first-class and tested quality products (BS EN ISO 9001),
  • we guarantee fastest delivery times (24-hour delivery service),
  • our services comprise competent advice, maintenance, verification, repair and seminars or advanced training.

In other words: We believe 100 % in everything we offer. Only this way are we able to identify with our service and are able to guarantee it!

Our motivated and friendly staff, whose expertise is continuously improved via training programmes, through their knowledge and competence form the basis for a successful co-operation with our customers.

At every stage, any consequences for the environment are being considered, even if legal requirements are not yet in existence. Each member of staff is responsible for protecting the environment. Our BS EN ISO 14001 certification recognises these efforts.

With innovation, consistent investments and technology which is always up-to-date, we have every intention to continue to be successful. This is why our yardstick are customers who will still be satisfied with our solutions tomorrow.

Regards from Dortmund

Yours sincerely,

Udo Dolezych and Tim Dolezych