Lifting Points

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General information about attachment points Anschlagpunkte-im-Einsatz-2

Lifting points represent the connection between load and lifting gear. Chain slings, wire rope slings, lifting slings, etc. are used if loads have to be lifted or moved. They are fastened to the lifting points in order, for example, to lift the corresponding load. The following types of lifting points exist:  

Rigid lifting points

  • Consist of eye bolts or weldable eyes
  • Since the pulling direction cannot be changed, they are often used for single-leg solutions
  • Not flexible

Swivelling / folding lifting points

  • They are used with multiple legs, since the lifting points have to align themselves to the direction of pull before the lifting procedure.
  • Are more flexible than rigid lifting points.
Up to four lifting points can be used. Depending on the characteristic of the load, the lifting points are distributed over it. When attaching, care is taken that the load hangs straight when lifting and, for example, does not tip over. Special slings are used where this is difficult or impossible. Care must be taken that the lifting points adequately dimensioned and fastened. The angle additionally plays a role, since the working load limit changes in relation to the angle. Shallow angle: 45-60°. Steep angle: 0-45°.  

Fastening of the lifting points



  • If the lifting points welded on, the welding instructions must be followed.
  • The welding seam must be inspected for correctness.

Bolted on

  • The operating instructions must be observed.
  • Load and material must be suitable so that the lifting point can be screwed in deep enough.

Lifting points for transport and assembly in grade 80

Sling swivel 0950/C

Anschlagpunkt 0950/C Dolezych
  • For screwing 
  • Grade 80
  • Compact light construction
  • With bearing
  • Loadable on all sides
  • 360° rotation
  • Swivel area of the element max. 180°
  • Carrying  capacity 0,3 t to 35 t
  • Thread x Thread-lenght  M10 bis M 90
(special sizes and thread on request)    

Sling swivel 0958 DSS universal, screwable with thread

  • Grade 80Anschlagwirbel 0958 DSS universal Dolezych
  • Bow 180° pivoting
  • 360° rotary with full load capacity
  • Safety factor 5 < 12,5 t
  • Safety factor 4 >15 t
  • Carrying  capacity at 4,5 t t – 32,1 t
  • Thread x Thread-lenght M 24 x 3 bis M 100 x 6 

Sling swivel 0958 DSR universal

  • Grade 80Anschlagwirbel-0958-DSR-universal
  • Bow 180° pivoting
  • 360° rotary with full load capacity
  • Safety factor 5
  • Carrying  capacity at 0,05 t – 6,3 t
  • Thread x Thread-lenght M 4 x 0,7 bis M 30 x 3,5 

DoComfort Transport ring Premium Grade 100

  The sling swivel is the further development of the already existing sling swivel 0950 of grade 80 and 100 . The load capacity increased by 25% while the dimensions comply with the existing sling swivel of grade 100. b0000339_langes_gewinde+mutterb0000340_langes_gewinde
  • Better rotation behaviour achived by additional ball bearings. The result is improved rotation under full or diagonal load at 90°.
  • New and clearer display of the inclination angle of 45° or 60° trough marks on the absoption element.
  • New visible wear and tear display of the ball bearing, meaning that the need for disposal can be identified without measuring tools.
  • Improved contact surface, with carrying force marking, galvanized cover gives corrosion protection. Seal prevents intrusion of dirt.
Other thread sizes according to diameter and length can also be delivered as specially designed models. Possible adduction moment in Nm for DoComfort sling swivel.  

DoComfort Transport ring Premium Grade 100

  • For screwing DoComfort Anschlagwirbel Premium Güteklasse 10 Dolezych
  • Grade 100
  • With bearing
  • Loadable on all sides
  • Bow 180° pivoting
  • 360° rotary
  • Carrying  capacity at 0,5 t – 40 t
  • Thread x Thread-lenght M 10 x 18 mm bis 100 x 150 mm 
(special sizes and thread on request) 49592005_docomfort_anschlagw__prem_gk10   Sling swivel Premium IG with interior thread, ball bearing, Grade 100   Sling swivel IG with interior thread . The thread depht is 1,25x d. Only screws of Grade 100.9 crack- tested are admitted as a connection element . Different thread versions and lengthaviable on inquiry. The sling swivel must not be used for continiuous rotaation under load.  

Sling swivel made of stainless steel

Sling swivel 0958 SS-DSS-IG  with interior thread

  • Made of stainless steel Anschlagwirbel aus Edelstahl SS-DSS-IG
  • Bow 180° pivoting
  • 360° rotary with full load capacity
  • Carrying  capacity at 2,7 – 5,0 t
  • Thread x Thread-lenght  M 24 x 3 bis M 36 x 4

Sling swivel 0958 SS-DSS, screwable

  • For screwing
  • Anschlagwirbel aus EdelstahlMade of stainless steel
  • Bow 180° pivoting
  • 360° rotary with full load capacity
  • Carrying  capacity at 3,5 t bis 6,0 t
  • Thread x Thread-lenght M 30 x 3,5 bis M 45 x 4,5

Thread Adapter ADA 

09582724_ada_gewindeadapterGewindeadapter ADA Dolezych Thread adapter ADA for variable thread reducers, suitable for all sling swivel type 0958 in Grade 80. The newly developed thread adapter can decrease the existing threads eg. from M 24 to M 6, thus to be able to tighten a swirl with a smaller thread. H is also possible to combine different types of threads, this increases the flexability upon abutment your loads. This allows you to reduce your costs though the use of the Adapter. There is no need to buy sling swivels with a larger M-thread  anymore. Other Dimensons in M-thread or inch thread on request !    

Sling swivel Giga DSS

The swivel Giga DSS was specially developed for performing lifting and swivelling operations under a load of up to 125 tonnes. It can be used directly with the hook of the overhead crane
    • The double joint enables perfect alignment.
    • Safety factor 5
    • Reduced space requirement through higher maximum load
    • Maximum load indicated by engraving
Prices on enquiry!
WLL Safety factor ø L1 N.m S1 S2 A B C D E F G Weight [kg]
125 t 5 M150 (x6) 228 2000 21 41 270 115 290 357 302 544 100 268
 Anschlagpunkt Giga DSS 2  

Haven’t found the right lifting point or sling swivel?

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