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DoPremium products are the first choice whenever you expect very special performances in lifting and lashing. In the respective market segment, DoPremium represents the optimum in performance, e.g. through a particularly high working load limit with low dead weight, extremely long service lives, particular flexibility, high selvedge stability or high temperature resistance. We achieve that through the use of special fabric designs, components of extraordinarily high quality, outstanding rope designs or high-performance fibres such as Dyneema®. In addition to these “inner values”, DoPremium also stands out visually from the standard: wherever technically feasible, we use turquoise webbing with the DoPremium logo or equip the product with a turquoise DoPremium banderole. So you can recognise our top-class products at a glance. And the great feeling of working safely with the best products comes with it.



The textile chain by Dolezych / PowerLash with Dyneema®

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DoPremium Eye slingDoPremium-Schlaufenband

In contrast to the standardized safety factor of 7, DoPremium special constructions meet a safety factor of approx. 10. Its fully reinforced eye offers full protection for use with crane hooks; that is to say in the area causing the most wear. Optimized web construction of belt and edge allow for longer endurance against stress caused by abrasion, compression, and by edge tear. Higher temperature resistance up to 150°C.  

                    Item No.Band width x thickness mmLength of eye mmWidth of eye mmMin. length mm
 0567 960250 x 620025850
 0567 975275 x 8300251300
 0567 9782100 x 8350351500
 0567 9852125 x 8425451600
 0567 0002150 x 10500501900


DoPremium Roundsling DoPremium-Rundschlinge

DoPremium roundslings are an improvement over our standard roundslings. The covers are made of thicker, improved webbing that is more abrasion resistant and less prone to wrinkling. In addition, each roundsling comes with the carrying capacity WLL woven into the fabric for easy, permanent identification. These roundslings offer the best performance, safety, and service life of any roundsling we have to offer. Please contact us for pricing.  

                    Item No.Support width under the load mmThickness mmWeight per m circumference in kg
1.0000514 05524570,13
 2.0000514 15525090,20
 3.0000514 305255120,30
 4.0000514 455262140,40
 5.0000514 555270150,50
6.0000514 605285150,65
8.0000514 755295150,90
10.0000514 8025100151,20
12.0000514 9152100171,40
15.0000514 9352105201,70


With-Dyneema Logo

DoPremium Heavy duty roundslings with Dyneema®DoPremium-Dyneema-Rundschlinge

When lifting slings with extreme high carrying capacities are needed roundslings made with Dyneema® are the best choice. Through this high performance fibres an own weight reduction of 60% is achieved. The lower elongation of Dyneema® in comparison to Polyester-fibres leads to an improved dimensional accuracy. This becomes relevant when lifting asymmetrical loads.  

                    Item No.Support width under the load mmThickness mmWeight per m circumference in kg
10.0000514 805250200,5
 15.0000514 999165250,75
 20.0000514 956770281
 25.0000514 986775301,25
 30.0000514 997080301,5
40.0000514 996790402
50.0000514 9973110502,5
60.0000514 9933115603,0
70.0000514 9940145703,5
80.0000514 9989160704
90.0000514 9986190804,5
100.0000514 9997200855,0


DoPremium Standard ratchet


Ratchet : galvanized and powder coated comfort ratchet with ergonomically designed ratchet lever hand lever security, two cog wheels

Webbing: Highly stretched Polyester fabric, 50mm, low elongation, abrasion resistant. Extra PU impregnation, DoConnect hooks galvanized  

Item No.LC 2500 daN / STF 300 daN
2650 5834Profile hook
2650 5835Profile hook with safety snap
2650 5836Triangle snap hook
2650 5897DoConnect hook


DoPremium lashing strap with long lever pull ratchetDoPremium-Langhebel-Zurrgurt

The interaction between patented DoMulti long-lever pull ratchet and premium webbing makes the difference here. The ratchet is one of the best there is: light, stable, long tensioning lever for maximum tensioning forces and comfortable opening, even with a tensioning force of 1000 daN. The webbing is also premium. The special selvedge made of twisted cord yarns protects the strap edges. If cuts in the fabric should occur, however, neon-coloured ID strips indicate the replacement state of wear. Not only that, the webbing is particularly resistant to abrasion and is water- and dirt-repellent. In all kinds of weather: the webbing remains supple. “What more do you want?”

Item No.LC 2500 daN / STF 600 daN*
2653 5034Profile hook
2653 5335Profile hook with safety snap
2653 5112Triangle snap hook
*auch mit Druckratsche (STF 300 daN) lieferbar


With-Dyneema Logo

DoPremium lashing strap with Dyneema®


These ratchet tie downs are made for the roughest purposes. DoPremium with Dyneema®-Tie downs can be used without additional webbing protector because the Dyneema® webbing is highly resistant against cuts and abrasion. The longer lifetime saves money!

Item No.LC 2500 daN / STF 600 daN  

Item No.LC 2500 daN / STF 600 daN*
2681 5034Profile hook
2681 5335Profile hook with safety snap
2681 5112Triangle snap hook


With-Dyneema Logo

DoPremium Heavy duty tie down with Dyneema®


The powerhouse for direct lashing with LC 5000 daN and only 50 mm webbing width. This extraordinary high lashing capacity is achieved by high value components in combination with Dyneema webbing. Substitute your lashing chains and benefit from low weight and easy handling!

The new lashing hooks with additional Delta locking clamp achieve extremely high tensile strengths and offer maximum safety in use. The resistance of the Dyneema lashing strap beats conventional lashing straps by miles. The DoPremium heavy-duty strap achieves the strength of a 75 mm-wide lashing strap and thus also rivals 8 mm grade-10 lashing chains – with a clear advantage in the disciplines handling and innovation!

Item No.LC 5000 daN
2650 5034Profile hook



DoPremium Wire rope slingsDoPremium-Anschlagseil

With the 6×61 IWRC rope construction, you have a very flexible full steel rope which is significantly superior to a standard rope sling with fibre core as regards the breaking force. The „Flemish Eye“ press connection provides a solid steel clamp with high abrasion resistance. Sie kann auch im Heißeinsatz unter Berücksichtigung des entsprechenden Tragfähigkeitsverlustes verwendet werden. The cone form of the splicing prevents jamming of the lifting element when pushing through under the load. The rope slings are made completely according to the European color code as known with web slings and roundslings (DBGM). With the three measurement in the easily distinguishable traffic-light colors green, amber and red and a load capacity from 2 to 5 t, the range of usual transport tasks is covered.  

          IWRC          Item No.Nom. diameter mmWorking load limit in kg/ inclination angle 0°
6 x 616261 130113,02.000
6 x 616261 160116,03.000
6 x 616261 200120,05.000


With-Dyneema Logo

DoPremium Rope sling with Dyneema®

DoPremium-Anschlagseil-mit-Dyneema Our 12-times braided Dyneema®-lifting slings are as standard available up to WLL 100t. Higher carrying capacities up to 400t are possible. These ropes are lightweight and handy. Rigging has never been easier!

Item No.Working load limit in kgRope diameter in mmDescriptionMinimum length in mmWeight at minimum length in kg
1752 400110.000241-fach23002,6
1752 800115.000281-fach23003,4
1752 800230.000282-fach25005,6
1753 400240.000342-fach28008,0
1754 000250.000402-fach280013,4
1754 800270.000482-fach300021,1
1755 600290.000562-fach500045,4
1756 4002100.000642-fach500059,4


With-Dyneema Logo

DoPremium Sharp edge protection with Dyneema®


Dyneema® protection tubes offer the optimum sharp adge protection for webslings and roundslings. This clearly extends the lifetime of textile lifting slings and allows thier use at load with sharp edges at all.  

Item No.Flat width in mmFor single strand (RS)For double strand (RS)For belt width/mm PES
Dyneema® WLL tPES WLL tDyneema® WLL tPES WLL t
5562 04088010 – 126 – 863 – 460
5562 041111015 – 2010 – 1285 – 675 – 90
5562 041313025 – 3015 – 20106 – 8100
5562 041616040 – 452525 – 2010 – 12120
5562 041919050 – 6030 – 3530 – 3515150
5562 042323070 – 8040 – 4540 – 4520 – 25180
5562 042626090 – 1005050 – 6030240
5562 042929012560 – 7070 – 8035 – 40
5562 04313101508090 – 10050


DoFlex1 Abrasion protectionDoFlex1-Abriebschutz

Innovative: The elastic PES-tube for tie downs reliable protects the webbing against wear and tear.

  • No slipping
  • Abrasion-resistant materials
  • Better distribution of the tensioning force
  • The hose is particularly thin and flexible and can simply be wound up with the loose end.
Item No.Dimensions in mm
5562 050150


With-Dyneema LogoDoFlex2 Abrasion protection with Dyneema®

Extra tough; The elastic weaving construction made of Dyneema® fibres makes the DoFlex2-Protection tube to an ideal webbing protector for all kind of purposes.  

Item No.Dimensions in mm
5562 050350


With-Dyneema Logo


Dyneema® – the strongest fibre in the world is the premium brand for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) from DSM. The Dyneema® fibre offers maximum force combined with minimum weight. Weight for weight it is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than an aramid fibre. Thanks to its low density Dyneema® floats on water, is extremely resistant and insensitive to moisture, UV radiation and chemicals. We use the Dyneema® fibre in webbing, round slings and cut-protection hoses as well as in fibre ropes. Slings and protective hoses manufactured from Dyneema® are stronger and lighter than traditional materials and at the same time more flexible and easier to handle. To put it briefly: when it matters – DoPremium with Dyneema®.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM. The unauthorised use of this trademark is forbidden.


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