Textile mats and lifting sling mats


Textile mats “DoColor” with roundslings

Textilmatten Dolezych

Processing: Dolezych DoForce 1 roundslings are sewn up to mats with wide polyester belt stirrup slings. Processing is done according to DIN EN 1492-2

The advantages:

  • Higher WLL than web slings, respectively a wider contact area with corresponding WLL e.g. for sensitive loads (cylinders etc.).


ColourWorking load limit in kgItem-No.Standard mat width mm

Specially built components in all mat widths available, please do request info!


Lifting sling mats produced according to DIN EN 1492-1

Hebebandmatten Dolezych

Reinforced eyes Lifting sling mats, like textile mats with round slings, have an extremely wide contact area and therefore offer the best support for sensitive loads. Standard width up to 600 mm contact width, specially built components with bigger width are available, as are steel stirrup end fixings. Please contact us for more info!  

Item-No.Working load limit in kgStirrup width mmStandard mat width mm



Pipeline-lifting sling mats


Pipeline lifting sling mats are real power packs when it comes to the laying of pipes. They are made of polyester lifting mats with two sewn-in eye traverses each and a corresponding traverse with hooks. They are produced according to DIN EN 1492-1. They are unsurpassable as a lifting device for laying pipelines whenever high carrying load capacities and great supporting areas are needed. Working load limit per mat is up to 48 t supporting a width of 900 mm.  

Item-No.Working load limit in kgWidth mm


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