Heavy-duty DoMega+ round slings with high-performance fibres and flex hose: The new generation is here!

domega+ rundschlinge“Pleasantly light and compact!” – after the first practical tests, the verdict of the riggers is unanimous. The newly developed DoMega+ makes handling heavy-duty round slings even easier. This high-performance sling is the logical development in our heavy-duty range and adds to the tried-and-tested DoMega round slings made of polyester (PES) and the DoPremium with Dyneema® with hose and yarn made of high-performance fibres.

When it came to developing the DoMega+, the primary focus was on further improving its handling and increasing the service life. The round sling made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is around 60 % lighter than a comparable polyester round sling with the same effective working length and carrying capacity. The additional key feature, however, is the new silver-grey cross-elastic round sling hose made of polyester, which wraps tightly around the yarn core, thus ensuring an extremely compact design at the same time as very low wrinkling. This means that DoMega+ round slings do not get crushed even in smaller crane hooks and attachment points.

domega+ rundschlinge 2 Due to the reduced “internal pressure” in the hose achieved by this and a special fabric construction formulated for abrasion resistance, the DoMega+ demonstrates much lower wear and hence a longer service life. The additional effect of the flexible hose is that the yarn core is able to expand better under load at the contact surface, e.g. in the crane hook.

The DoMega+ is currently available in the carrying capacities 10 to 50 t and is supplied as standard with an RFID transponder and a transparent extra protective hose for the standard label. The RFID transponder (HF, 13.56 MHz, I-Code SLI, ISO 15693) can be used to clearly assign tests, for example, and their digital documentation to the product. The transponder is easily readable and writeable with an NFC-enabled reader (e.g. mobile phone).